White Water Kayaking

Obey White Water Kayaking Paddles

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Obey White Water Kayaking Paddles
Full carbon construction, whether it be for slalom, creeking or river running, Obey white water kayaking paddles are designed for optimum control and are available with either a straight shaft or the crank shaft.

  • Paddle Length: 1900mm – 2080mm
  • Blade Size: Small 410mm x 190mm (510cm sq), Medium 415mm x 205mm (600cm sq), Large 425mm x 215mm (705cm sq)
  • Recommend Blade Angle: 45°
White Water Kayaking & Slalom Racing
  • Weight: Crank Shaft – 1000 grams / Striaght Shaft – 900 grams
White Water Kayaking & Creeking
  • Barney Blades – A heavy duty design for increased durability and strength
  • Weight: Crank Shaft – 1200 grams / Straight Shaft – 1100 grams

All given weights are approximate values based on paddles of 2000mm lengths

Obey Junior Kayaking paddles
Obey’s Junior Kayaking paddle features a smaller blade and shaft size designed for the smaller paddler.

  • Fibreglass blades and carbon shaft
  • Paddle Length: 170cm – 190cm
  • Weight: 820 grams
  • Blade Colours: Red, Blue, Green or Orange
  • Recommend Blade Angle: 45°

Given weight is an approximate value based on paddles of 190cm lengths with fibreglass blades. Junior paddles constructed with carbon blades are available on request.